Improved ergonomics ! The shoe adapts perfectly to the foot and allows full freedom of movement. For the first time ever with a shell shoe, ergonomic rolling over the ball of the toe is possible.

Stability on the descent ! Thanks to the patented Flexcap technology, the additional freedom of movement does not have to be paid for by a loss of stability. But on the contrary. The pretensioning of the shell in the locked state even creates advantages in terms of rigidity and torsion resistance.

More efficient walking ! When pulling the relieved foot forward (passing position), the body's center of gravity does not have to be raised, which saves energy with every step.

Security and Compatibility! In the downhill position, the release behavior corresponds to a conventional shoe. The Flexcap boots are compatible with all common touring bindings.

In the locked mode, crampons can be mounted like any other shell shoe

Power dynamics! The distance between the ankle and the pressure point on the ski is reduced, so that the calf muscles can develop more power when pushing off.

Goodbye climbing aid? After a while, most of the testers of the Flexcap shoes completely dispensed the climbing aid, even on very steep climbs. If the sole is flexible, there is no longer a need for that.

Hairpin bends - The additional flexibility in the shoe allows the ski to be guided better in the turning movement and thus easier to turn.