We have developed a ski touring boot that for the first time enables a completely natural walking movement on the ascent!

Comfort and dynamics, without limits!

We accept it because we love our sport: the “square” going on skis. In classic shell shoes with a rigid sole, it is not possible for the foot to roll, which leads to unnatural walking movements.

Unfortunately, this often leads to pain and problems with the musculoskeletal system. In the best case scenario, there is “only” a loss of performance because the foot works against the shell with every step and not all muscles can be activated.

Future arrives on soft soles! The Flexcap shoes have a two-part shell that is rotatably connected in the area of ​​the toe base joint. Thus, for the first time ever, ergonomic rolling over the ball of the toe is possible with a shell shoe.

In the skiing position, the shell parts are pressed together. In this way you achieve the strength of a full shell and allow unrestricted power transmission to the ski.

Uphill like a running shoe, downhill like a classic hard boot - the Flexcap shoe brings the best of two worlds together.